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Zodiac Connections (Elemental Modalities)

...just some new ways of looking at the signs by element and modality to see how they connect, where each's modus operandi can get "stuck," and how they eventually can work their way out ;) Fire=Ego, Identity, Spirit Water= Emotional, Astral, Soul Air=Intellectual, Social, Mind Earth=Physical, Tangible, Body Mutable signs=adapt, change, diffuse, spread Fixed signs=hold, attachment, security Cardinal signs=initiate, action MUTABLE: Gemini (Air)—changing thoughts and opinions, spreading information, dispersing knowledge…the more variety of thoughts that spread out though, the less they can be categorized into definite right and wrong, which actually diminishes any certainty of knowing…the more multi-tasking or multi-tracking one engages, the less one can thoroughly know any one particular point…eventually uses the rock-solid facts of “what is” known/owned (from Taurus) and applies such towards that which personally resonates and feels like a good fit for one’s subjective comfort and needs (to Cancer) Virgo (Earth)—adapting processes and making changes in routines and procedures to optimize efficiency….continues to reach out and spread its range of influence towards planning and organizing further out, and keeping extending pieces of some system “well put together”…however, the more one endeavors to keep in “order,” and the further out one tries to retain control of some operation, the more likely they will encounter other elements that are not part of the existing order, which will then “mess up” what’s established, or nullify the established parameters altogether when extenuating exceptions are met…eventually uses its own strong, bold confidence of self (from Leo) to sort and systemize factors in the immediate environment towards the most gracefully interactively and pleasing flow for organic, harmonious human engagement (towards Libra) Sagittarius (Fire)—diversifies desires and seeks to engage multiple streams of activity and experience simultaneously, spreading its involvement out among many different exciting possibilities….however, the further out one expands their involvement, the more likely they are to “run out of steam” and not have the stamina to conclude all of their involvements…they get “spread too thin” and cannot follow through on all courses of action set in motion…eventually, they utilize the resourcefulness of will power that it takes to make anything happen (from Scorpio) and apply it towards some set, definite goal of ambition that they desire to see accomplished (towards Capricorn) Pisces (Water)—spreads themselves out to emotionally partake of all stimuli unconditionally, without boundaries, leading to a dissolution of an ability for differentiation…the more selflessly one engages with the total environment, the more one loses their central sense of self, blurring into a sea of oneness without any definite or particular desire, preference, aim, or identity…eventually the strong social code adhered to for community elevation (from Aquarius) is facilitated so that one asserts a strong personality into action on behalf of supporting such a cause with one’s independent identity (towards Aries) FIXED: Taurus (Earth)—attachment to the body, and its various appetites of personal, physical pleasure and sensational experience become the vice…eventually, the strong sense of personal identity and action (from Aries) work towards varying experiences, exploring multiple angles, and exploring the opposites to any staunch preferences established for diversification and avoiding stagnancy (towards Gemini) Leo (Fire)—attachment to the egoic self, and self-aggrandizement regarding one’s central importance and superiority become the vice…eventually, one’s personal feelings and subjective inclinations (from Cancer) works towards putting one’s self into service that both exercises the skills one identifies with, while simultaneously improving their performance (to Virgo) Scorpio (Water)—attachment to the emotions, and addiction to deep/binding, intimate connections and finding fulfillment through co-dependent relation to others becomes the vice…eventually, an understanding of fair, even, and righteous relating in cooperative harmony (from Libra) work towards joining forces and pooling/pulling resources together for expanding the ability to enjoy extended, bigger, larger, “farther out” experiences (to Sagittarius) Aquarius (Air)—attachment to the mind/intelligence, and the idea that one is “right/correct,” with their thinking being the “best,” can lead to the vice of tyrannically imposing one’s thoughts upon a group structure to force their adherence and/or disrupt what was going on in order to impose something different…eventually, the understanding behind adhering to a definite structure in order to accomplish a goal (from Capricorn) works towards a selfless dream that’s charitably able to help others unconditionally, without it being about any one particular perspective, while also being accepting of extenuating circumstances and differing needs (to Pisces) CARDINAL: Aries (Fire)—identity in action….often impulsively takes action for the sake of experiencing the movement of engaging the event, which sometimes causes frustrations when the action is not consciously mindful of other related considerations…eventually, the charitably compassionate dream of selfless oneness (from Pisces) inspires action that’s driven towards developing, generating, owning, and sustaining definite, practice resources of value that one can depend on (to Taurus) Cancer (Water)—emotions in action…often instinctually acts to comfort, pacify, and “feed” oneself, which often causes one to hide or retreat into themselves to avoid overwhelm by others or being spread too thin…eventually, the sharply diverse mind that can move in any given direction as intelligently needed (from Gemini) works towards expressing whatever it most needs in each moment so that others may see and appreciate it, while being vitalized by such (to Leo) Libra (Air)—social intelligence in action…often acts to open and engage interaction with others, while conceding to another’s position in effort to retain the beauty of peace and harmony, which forfeits one’s own autonomy in favor of allowing the other to assert theirs….eventually, familiarity with the working mechanics of intricate situations (from Virgo) works towards actively engaging others in a manner where responsibilities are shared, instead of deferred, and power accumulates between two parties working together as one (to Scorpio) Capricorn (Earth)—material/physical action…often compelled to plug away at a long, challenging process towards a final goal, while often setting boundaries that limit or restrict certain possibilities that aren’t aligned with the structure being followed, which can also become too rigid and crystalize into goals that aren’t actually fulfilling to any enduring capacity…eventually, the passionate desires of inspired excitation (from Sagittarius) work towards a collective goal that’s beneficially elevating to the greatest possible whole (to Aquarius)

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