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Patreon Subscription


Lead N2 Gold

(only $11.11 a month!)


I am now offering all astrological and metaphysical enthusiasts the opportunity to subscribe to Lead N2 Gold on Patreon (at for a monthly rate of just $11.11! 

This is my "one-size-fits-all" offering.  

  • ​Most importantly, any subscribers automatically granted a 30% discount on any regular 1-on-1 sessions booked with Nathaniel!  (This cuts all hour sessions down from $100 to $70, thirty minute sessions go down from $50 to $35, and fifteen minute session go down from $25 to $17.50)

  • Subscribers get free admission to any and all online classes offered.  (Classes may be open to the public for a fee, but admission is included for all Patreon subscribers for no additional cost, along with access to class recordings, which are not available to the pubic, for later viewing.)

  • Patreon subscribers get access to special written content.  These writings may include, but are not limited to: "Solar Sign Forecast" with information on the current planetary energies, "Esoteric Essay of Metaphysical Digest" articles about an esoteric concept or archetypal theme, and "Zodiac 'Flavor' Files" write-ups to describe different topics from the archetypal vantage point of all 12 signs' energies

Enjoy getting access to all these benefits through one simple subscription!

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