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Lead N2 Gold


I am now offering all astrological and metaphysical enthusiasts the opportunity to subscribe to Lead N2 Gold on Patreon (at for a monthly rate of just $7.77 or $11.11, depending on how much access your want!

Premium Access for $11.11 a month

This is my "upgraded" offering. 

  • Most importantly, any subscribers automatically granted a 12% discount on any regular 1-on-1 sessions booked with Nathaniel!  (This cuts all hour sessions down from $100 to $88, thirty minute sessions go down from $50 to $44, and fifteen minute session go down from $25 to $22)

  • Subscribers get free admission to each monthly, live Astro Round Table gathering online.  (Tickets can still be purchased by anyone for each event, but admission is included for all Patreon subscribers for no additional cost.)

  • Subscribers at this level are permitted one priority questions per month, either messaged to me in advance or asked at the live Astro Round Table event. I will then address the question at the next Astro Round Table event, which will also be recorded, and patrons can get their answer from such.

  • Patreon subscribers get access to all previous writings and videos released via Patreon. Writings may include, but are not limited to: "Solar Sign Forecast" with information on the current planetary energies, "Esoteric Essay of Metaphysical Digest" articles about an esoteric concept or archetypal theme, and "Zodiac 'Flavor' Files" write-ups to describe different topics from the archetypal vantage point of all 12 signs' energies

Basic Access for $7.77 a month

  • This tier simply grants patrons the regular ability to attend and participate in any live, monthly Astro Round Table gatherings online, where members are able to join others in like-minded camaraderie to learn about new astrological/metaphysical topics and discuss.

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