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"Magnetic" Fate or "Electric" Free Will?

“Picture this if you will…” While there’s an infinite potential for greater refinement, rudimentary humans are generally like charged, polarized magnets, with a positive and negative end. They are emotionally PULLED towards experiences they feel to be attractive, and they are emotionally PUSHED away from experiences they feel repelled by. These pushes and pulls are more or less unconscious, effectually stemming from past associations that have habituated from cyclic repetition and reinforcement. (Occasionally, novel experiences may shock one’s orientation regarding what is or is not desired, leading to changes that eventually might settle into another, albeit revamped, familiar range of regular push and pull…) There is a fundamental duality imbedded in such routine, toggling between the tension of what we’re chasing after and what we’re trying to avoid/evade/deny, along with the potential to raise awareness and rise in consciousness beyond the flux of such a cosmic pendulum, if one can sublimate their instinctual preferences in favor of more lasting values and approaches of greater sovereignty. As one is able to reach a state of stillness about a matter, without excessive attachment or aversion, there’s less reaction to what’s present based on prior associations, so one can more consciously respond according to a clearer assessment, neutrally free from any automatically magnetized charge. Increasingly, a point of existent harmony can be more readily recognized, with nothing especially “better” to fret for, nor anything “worse” to dread, so the need (or more often, urge…) to take ANY action, or intervene in a given process, may diminish. However, the resulting tranquility also allows actions that CAN be put into motion to come from a higher place of impartiality, without the same unconscious preferences molded from more base/basic and comfortable familiarities. The more the magnetic/karmic/emotional level of life is properly disciplined, the less chaotic, confusing, and randomly happenstance life then seems. This is because one is consciously able to more articulately organize, direct, and execute an orderly course of action with less subconscious interference from various “attachments”...At such a point, without so many mundane personal investments towards attaining some reward or averting some displeasure, the free will choices regarding creation are more fully open to clearly reflect that which is innately inspired, rather than that which was externally defined—real, True, divine creativity blooms as opposed to recycled fabrications with varying degrees of distortion. By calming and bridling the restless waves of the emotional body, the mental body is then able to aptly awaken, and decisions can be calculated according to more intentional factors beyond simple pleasure/pain, catalyzing more significant work into action. One is able to refrain from excessive preference in more situations, allowing contentment with any and all configurations, so whatever’s passing over can be more easily disregarded without accumulating a charge, and then any action taken can be done with greater precision and purpose. (Essentially, one is no longer being magnetically pushed and pulled around—“swayed”—by the emotional undercurrents of life as an “effect” of things, so they are then more able to conduct themselves as the “electric” cause, creator, and generator of intentional action via their more “online” free will.) We’re ALL “aspiring” to “uplift” the AIM of our overall experience’s quality, and it’s just so ironic that the only way OUT (of endless loops seeking satiation) is IN (to recognize and release built-up tensions from distortion). Nobody’s doing it “perfect,” but neither is anybody doing it “wrong.” We’re each just tending the mend of whatever schisms have had us the most divided and scrambling in angst. …plenty more to ponder as one sits with the ideas and contemplates them deeper for more layers of implication to emerge

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