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*SPECIAL DEAL: Nathaniel is piloting a "solution seeking sessions" for client, where someone can describe an issue they're experiencing in their life, for which they're seeking guidance, and Nathaniel will intuitively reference pertinent astrological charts to provide insight.  These sessions would be less than 30 minutes, and he will begin offering them on a donation basis, until a significant number have been provided as such...Contact Nathaniel directly to inquire further and arrange for such!

Note: if booking an astrology session, please include the birth info (date, time, and place of birth) for any individuals being explored.

Also, if you will be in or around the Burlington, NC area and indicate that you would like your session "in-person," Nathaniel will contact you to arrange a venue that will be suitable to all parties. If you prefer a phone reading, you'll be called at the number provided.  If you prefer a reading via video online with Zoom, a link will be e-mailed to you at the e-mail provided.

*NOTE*: If you would prefer to purchase a session now, but would like to set the time for the session later (such as if you would be gifting a session to someone else, and they would need to  be the one to schedule things), then please just select the the most immediate time available when prompted for such, and indicate that your purchase is a "gift" to someone else in the field for providing additional info.  Then, arrangements will be made with the applicable party once the purchase is made.

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