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Reflections from others...

"I recently received my first astrology consultation from Nathaniel, and it was a marvel of deep insight and wisdom lensed through a profound understanding of the science and art of astrology. I have had several other readings during the past ten or so years, from very well educated and experienced astrologers, but not one of them evidenced the depth of professional knowledge and intuitive skill demonstrated by Nathaniel. All this embodied in a warm, sincere personality - very old soul in a very young body. I shall be recommending him to my family and friends, and will absolutely return for further consultation as needed. Thank you again, Nathaniel."

Susan (Homer, AK)

"Nathaniel, I am appreciative of your energy, in so many ways. You have a genuine nature and a lightness of spirit that transcends all rationality. At the same time, you are a grounded person, and bring a sacred-geometry based perspective, that is undeniably true and heart-felt. Every individual can "tap into" their own unique intuition with your guidance. You are a pure soul with an honest and solid perspective."

Elizabeth Connelly (Charlotte, NC)

"Nathaniel explored my natal chart with imagination and reflection not only through which I see myself, but by which it helps me to see through myself. Nathaniel's insights and foresights into the blueprint of my chart presented me with opportunities on how I can learn and grow with a healthy expression of the Universe. With his extensive knowledge he reveals connections helping to deepen contact with the soul. His careful attention to detail enables him to tie in all the aspects of each of the archetypes. He is personable and amiable making this reading uniquely interesting and fun."

Chris Bakane (Greensboro, NC)

"I had an astrology reading with Nathaniel and I was absolutely amazed at his intuitive abilities as he read my charts. It felt like a chart reading and a psychic reading at the same time. He mentioned things that had never been brought to my attention but once they were they made absolute and total sense. It was very insightful. He definitely has a unique gift."

Alicia Bullard (Winston Salem, NC)

"WOW! Nathaniel blew me away with his accuracy during my reading! The depth and breadth of his knowledge of astrology, as well as his passion for helping people, was evident. He conveyed the information clearly and concisely, and helped me see that some recent challenges were right there in my chart to learn from and grow. Spot on and delivered with such heart and grace. The experience was incredibly healing! Highly, HIGHLY recommend!"

Judy B. (Maryland)

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