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The Archetypal Intricacy of Polyamory

While there's been an upsurge in cultural acceptance of, and permissivity towards, a seemingly "new" and more "open" option of relating, the scramble of modern experimentation with polyamory is what we probably just collectively get via analogy when the accumulated karma for a bunch of previously "settled" aristocrats now has them wanting to f*ck like peasants, as the karma of many prior peasants conversely has them wanting greater security through romantic partnerships.  Ultimately, the highway of intertwined, yet divergent, desires likely has everyone sliding somewhere along that spectrum--freedom and stability--trying to get a grip on their True desires, while working through their own "astral residue" of lingering feelings/emotions at play... (In ways, it reminds me of the Dr. Seuss story of "The Sneetches," with the two-way traffic of characters frantically trying to either get a star put on, or removed from, their bellies...)  Hence, with collective desires pulling in both directions, I can imagine how the notion of having multiple, intimate connections could seem quite enticing in some manner to many, if not most, "starry-eyed" dreamers out there🤩...until perhaps when whatever various realities of juggling to maintain such are inevitably confronted to have heavier gravity than their spritely ideal😏

All the same, it--polyamory--IS happening, with plenty of folks pioneering into an exploration of this territory of relating, so who--amidst the cast of astrological archetypes--would ever be a progressive proponent for such a radically liberating sort of experiment? 🤔 Uranus and Aquarius of course--the ambassadors of all things queer, avant-garde, unique, radical, rebellious, liberal/liberating, etc. 😜 Since there's space for it to occur, there must be some purpose to the design--both for mutations that approach a "golden" paragon, and those that more haphazardly "miss the mark"...on the one hand, there's the prospect of harmony among an intimate circuit of greater than two individuals, yielding a bigger pool of mutual resource/power/connection😄 On the other hand, spontaneous excitement can "short circuit" an already existing connection, causing separative disruptions 😒 What actually happens is just the result of whatever level of consciousness has been attained by all parties who are then meeting at the middle of such, yet quite often, not everyone "at the orgy" may be "on the same page"....Typically, whatever dissonance may exist as to the motive and aim among all those included--distorting smooth convergence--would also eventually surface for facilitating realignment (by whatever means are most necessary), while energies without mutual resonance will likely disband...and the more energies are mixing, the more challenging it becomes to maintain a resonance that's Truly attuned all around.

Still, when it comes to intimate relations, I propose there IS a pathway between the strict structure of "royal courting" and the mindless debauchery of "gratuitious hedonism," but it takes some True finesse to navigate, and it's probably not intended for those of any conventional leaning, best accustomed to working from//with/towards a traditional relationship/family structure....No, I'd speculate that any polyamorous relationships that experience enduring success are those that have a way of transmuting unconscious material into that which can more clearly be seen in a conscious light.  For such to occur without rupture, the parties involved must have a fairly composed degree of True Self-knowledge already, being clear and honest with themselves entirely, so as to facilitate clear and honest communication with those others with whom they're intimately involved.  Everything short of such "misses the mark" of unification's ideal, and those shadowy cracks become a darker breeding ground for unconsciously destructive dynamics to burn away through that which isn't more penetratingly excavated, via conscious free will and mental contemplation...There's plenty involved to consider at any stage of development, but Scorpio does stand as quite a "probationary" ground of symbolism for doing intimate relationships with others, whenever things go beyond more surface interactions (mastered via Libra), and when there's physical/emotional intimacy, it's safe to say circumstances have scratched past the surface ;)

Backing up a bit for a wider scope, once a relationship is initiated (♎️), there is eventually a merging that happens as the two parties go into "deeper business" together (♏️)...Setting our Aim out into the world (♐️) then, we task ourselves with accomplishing whatever testament of attainment drives us out into society (♑️) before arriving at the subsequent desire to contribute to a larger network of progressively liberating elevation (♒️)...when "polyamory" is approached as a True "union of all"--relating well with one another all around the round table--it energizes differently than what can be seen with different people only superficially dabbling with a variety of diverse possibilities from the buffet of everything existent, without forging a stable foundation anywhere--more ♊️ in archetype really 😋 Something doing Aquarius justice would necessitate a paradoxical union between the rulers--Saturn and Uranus--in place as a bit of prerequisite I could imagine...with higher ideals of Jupiterian goodwill overall esoterically, and even a propensity to "leave others better than they're found" in a nurturing way of the detached stylings for the Moon, hierarchially ruling this Aquarian realm 😉

Understanding what I have about karma, past life threads, and connections to others, I'm fairly convinced that we find ourselves drawn towards what's woven through relationships according to a combination of our sole/soul desires and willpower, along with the magnetically attractive "pull" of those who we've come to "value" along the Way before--the notion of the lunar nodes, along with Mars/Venus, and other archetypes investigated in Scorpio's depths have alluded to such lessons.  The metapor of a beautiful dance for conscious growth and evolution is so apropros when one considers the experience of Life in relation to ANY notion of "other"--anOTHER with whom we "dance" through various scenarios.  The sophication of how such orchestration is conducted is simply up to every indidivudal to decide, although societal pressures can sometimes seems to have a constricting--tightening--component to what is allowed or "proper"...however, currently, we seem to be in a societal "free-for-all" of sorts, with a simultaenous fluctuation between extreme and/or absent "moral panic" about such.  It would seem that everyone is now allowed to "do whatever" (Uranus rules!), as various structures that have been imposed begin to crumble (a dying Saturn to be reborn).  Still, as always, in a free will universe, as it has Truly always been, it's up to every individual as to how they shalll behave, and so those with less already-formed composition of consciousness may be more credulously beguiled into experimenting with more disruptive/hazardous scenarios of science--"F*CK around and find out"--leading to various "lessons" as needed, while the maturity and fortitude of others is likewise tested by how well they may or may not "remember" the results effected from causes put in place prior perhaps, which may now have more drastic consequences if heedlessly continued--nature provides a learning curve if we'll tune in ;)  However, even the fallout from any "tower" moments tumbling--affecting those fools mercifully cushioned by grace through youthful positioning or masters harshy inhibited by the severity of a further fall--is conducive to reorientation, although perhaps any wiser souls can more easily abstain from impulsive temptations of immediate gratification, knowing whatever experiences are entertained would have effects of enduring accumulation for or against surmounting more serious accomplishments as intended... ;)

There really is no judgmenet in all of this, since everyone is finding what works for them in any given arrangement at any time.  It's a "choose your own adventure" world out there, so each is free to their own appetites of deviation or tradition as inspired and inclined.  (I might wager that handling the realm of relationship WELL is probably easiest with only 2 individuals, but while it may be more challenging to keep balanced with more psyches in the mix, such a possibility is not impossible.)  Of course, like most life scenarios, a baseline of inner Self-knowledge helps with consciously understanding what one desires and the motivating factors of why.  Crafting more refined articulations is an avenue that opens up wider when one gets clearer about the premise of their undertakings, rather than just chasing instinctual satiations.  In a hierarchy of needs, food, shelter, and belonging are transcended by self-actualization, which can only be made possible when one has endeavored to realize what Self it is that they're invested in actualizing ;)  Until the "fuel" behind the quest has been duly assessed, all the "gas" pumping in ANY direction really won't get someone anywhere fulfilling though...

All this disclaimed, if one is called towards a more polyamorous life configuration, there does seem to be some consistent value in establishing a fair and harmonious relationship with ONE individual deeply, before jumping into additional engagements.  (Of course, the universe is curioous, and will also "wink" with exceptions, such as a hypothetical case where one person COULD potentially be crafting two simultaneous relationships at once any case, the primary, underlying relationship is always that which one has with themselves, so occasions of "mutation" from any usual order/norm is simply par for understanding how all patterns have their spontaneous moments of shift.)  In general, two people forming a bond together is the simplest initial step of initiation into relationship, comprised of the two smallest components of two whole individuals.  To split oneself further than such, among even just 2 others, creates a dynamic of juggling, which must essentially fracture and diminish the amount of investment one can make in either direction.  As such, starting multiple little "new" relationships may be exciting through the novelty of experiencing several "jumping off" positions, but it becomes more difficult to build any sort of foundation underneath...

I suppose I'd propose that a more successful approach to polyamory would occur after two individuals have already successfully merged into a stable partnership of enduring harmony.  Then, as a unit themselves, courting an additional individual on the basis of shared values could potentially generate a new union of three individuals triangulating...perhaps two partnerships of two individuals could also coordinate for shared communion as a squarely solid unit of four even?  Who knows what Life could have space for...

Thinking in just terms of numbers and growth, with ideas from numerology and sacred geometry considered, from nothing (0) there is something (1) that is whole within itself.  That one thing and any "other" singularly whole thing creates the basis of duality as a system together (2), like yin and yang.  Bridging ahead, there is the archetype of holy trinity--Father, Holy Spirit, and Son, or Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable, etc.--together as One whole unit of function together (3).  The next idea (4) would be a 2 by 2 system of joined pairings, which could also be seen as any 2-unit functioning together (as its own "parental" duality) witnessing the inner duality of yin/yang expressed within any ONE other additional unit coming into inclusion--a view of 4 extending from a party of 3...Of course, ALL the potentials of seeing oneself whole as One, with 2 polarites, 3 modes, 4 elements, 5 whatevers, and so forth is ultimately an "inside job" that one can perceive as they relate to the eternal infinity of Life through their own inherent nature, BUT we also get to "play" through Life with the perception of projected multiplicity, so that our own inner attunement and alignments (within ourselves as one whole being) are capable of externally attracting/creating their own resonant monuments--perhaps with "others" with whom we interact--as testament to whatever arrangement of complexity has achieved a stable "geometry" within. ;)

It would seem that as one person finds balance within themselves as a whole person, they'll attract some complement with whom they find the oppositional tension and creative support to fortify a grander sense of wholeness and oneness to a bigger degree--as a unit of 2--than either would individually. For many, that dance of two will present more than enough duality to dance with and navigate.  However, once a "baseline" foundation of "business" as two together is established (on mutually invested values, not power struggles pitted between divergent desires, which is a lower vibration of the Scorpio archetype that can destroy a relationship), a possibility of envisioning further out towards how and why to collaborate with others can be more mindfully contemplated with joint purpose and aspiration, approaching noble "friendships" of creative family with whom communal well-being is paramount as the "kingdom" enlarges ;)   Such would be the foundation for expanding intimate relations for a more mindfully designed approach to polyamory.

Who might find themselves questing into all this?  Well, sometimes I've suspected that many old souls have likely swam through many streams of lifelines across a variety of lifetimes, and there's an art to relating well with All, while honoring the contracts, committments, and agreements crafted in order for "due construction" to best continue as well----doing "good (karmic) business" ;)  ...always curious to comparatively contemplate how much of the Mystery to Life we're ever able to see and know at any given time, along with the elements we're positioned to experience as surprising and fresh--to keep us on our toes--as consciousness simply works through every vessel it can to pour the water of life wherever it's best able to flow ;)  One must just be aware enough to realize and discern the difference between purposeful passion with design for elevating an ideal further, or unbridled excitement deviating without constructive merit...

Overall, without saying there's a "right" and a "wrong" way for polyamory to be handled, it DOES seem like there could be some factors regarding stylings that might be more or less "stable" for its attempted longevity, which ultimately depend on the maturity of the consciousness to the parties being involved and where they are with their own state of evolutionary desire.  To say that the psychology--composure of the psyche/soul--of individuals "matters" is an understatement, since it is exactly what molds the composition of their behavior, character, and holistic constitution.  When decisions are made regarding "business" dealings of an intimate nature with ANY other party, taking such psychological factors of complementary compatibility into contemplative consideration, or not, is a mark of how sophistated or crude one's relational discernment has become. 

Again, there can be Beauty evident in either/any pathway of relational exploration, so the aspect of direction--seeking solidarity versus flexibility--is then just a consideration of how mindfully one may be employing themselves.  One must weigh whether concentrating to build something of greater acclaim is desired, or whether freedom from thought, and the immediacy of experiential variety it favors, is preferred over maintaining any external responsibilities requiring sustained discipline for longevity...there IS a way to have the best of both worlds in mature cases, but the secret is within grasping how oppositional forces are paradoxically complementary.  Still, while everything may be able to fold up--or spread out--into any arrangement of innumerous possibilities, you can't "cheat" in consciousness, so we're each initiated further into experiences that will test our mettle/meddle on whatever grounds are necessitated, so that we each continue to grow, while honoring All that is eternally True. Ultimately, one can only "hold space" for both structure/boundaries AND openness/allowances to the degree those paradoxes have been successfully reconciled within.  To whatever degree they're not, things will go "bump" externally to make us more aware of any rough edges.

To conclude a contemplation of relating, in language of astrological terms, Venus and Libra know well the key Beauty, justice, fairness, and overall art to the dance of relating well, which Uranus esoterically elevates, and Saturn seals by virtue of being exalted there and the hierarchical ruler.  There would seem to be an Aquarian element to relationships hidden underneath the mundane surface, with both traditional rulers of that sign sharing insight behind Libra's "veil"--all in divine purpose ;)  Mars will burn through whatever intimate astral shadows of trauma must be confronted for any mergings to purfiy via Scorpio, both in the mundane and esoteric sense, and with Mercury's hierarchial consideration there, navigating the depths of psychological and soul complexities to karmic engagements in a mutually satisfying manner is the ideal aim there.  The agility of weaving back and forth, to and from, various connections becomes all the more articulate and mindfully conducted for the benefit of All, when aspiration ascends to such heights from the depths.  The archetypes are all each expressed in the "characters" telling the stories behind the phenomena of Life, and the whole "round table" certainly has something to say about every position available, and how they relate to one another ;)

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