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Glow in the Dark

I Love exploring (and sharing) the existent evidence and artifacts, scattered across Life’s sparkling spectrum, that remind and assure us of an innately divine Beauty, Truth, and Order founding the Work of the world ;) I seem intrinsically designed to work with others in a healing capacity along these lines of inspiration too, especially for those who have “lost their way,” or become overly hard, calloused, and cold about any juiciness to Life’s Love, although part of my peculiarity is a proclivity for appealing towards the mental body for this “flavor” of Work. (Others may prefer to help out by emotionally swaying the moveable masses via the astral body, which is easy enough for temporarily re-magnetizing the feelings in a more productive manner, but another negative experience can just as simply repulsively repel one away from any positive attractions previously accepted. However, when a change of mental attitude is established, it’s easier to hold to that mindful architecture’s FIRMament, while whatever negative and/or positive waves pass over or under….) As such, I seem prone to “defragment” certain cognitive errors and “glitches” based in illusion and fallacy, which may be detrimentally supporting faulty thoughtform “programs” that are ultimately (self-)destructive. Those who think/believe that life is “no good” or all “random chaos” continually sabotage their own organized fulfillment, even while they remain unconsciously oblivious to their participation in the process. Ironically, it is possible to achieve a high level of intellectual adepthood and “brilliance” with such a cognitive error too, despite its ultimate lack of lasting sustenance; look at the character/archetype of Lucifer :P~ However, those scientifically sophisticated minds that negate and refute all divinity (and any holistic framework for life beyond “survival of the fittest” and “might makes right”) ultimately only imprison themselves in a sterile world of harsh confinement without any magick or miracles to expand upon. Those in that boat often feel slighted by God, life, the universe, etc. They’ve fictitiously surmised that everything is merely accidental collisions of bits and pieces mechanically in motion, and the only order or rule present is that which one generates themselves, so as to alleviate the perpetual pain and suffering that they conclude life has mandated. Such is totally “missing the mark,” and I LOVE to help show the other side of the coin amidst such realms of existential suffering. Why do I gravitate towards helping re-orient the hard, calloused, and cold? Cause I know what that position is like; we all do really, if we can take some deep honest stock of our own shadow’s trail. However, the “evil queen syndrome” happens to be particularly near and dear to my heart in this lifetime for several conglomerate reasons, and I’ve been blessed to know that vantage from the inside out in a unique way so that I can metaphorically “bring Her home” again. When one feels “cheated” by life in some personal manner, it’s easy to turn ruthless and cruel, or believe that “life sucks and then you die” is the only truth to be found. If one has suffered some loss or hardship as a trauma, that wound is what winds up to recoil into the maligned serpent that snatches out to bite back at life in a manner that is selfish, “me first/only,” and without regard for maintaining any semblance of unified peace/harmony, so long as one feels insulated with protection and security themselves. It’s also a point of view that makes one believe “God is dead!” and that the universe is all just a cascade of cause and effects without any love or intrinsic goodness to offer. Standing on that soapbox actually only nullifies access to the free will choice of creation that all sovereign life is entitled, erroneously believing instead that everyone simply contends with the unrelenting environmental circumstances in which they’re placed. All that’s just not ultimately True, although we can “have it that way” if we want….we can choose to “play that game” and “see” it that way, but it serves no one, especially not oneself. To get out of such a swampy funk, one has to aim upward and focus on all that coalesces in synchronization, inherently complete but always becoming as well. That involves excavating some amount of meaning from experiences of seeming disorder, which can only happen if one is WILLing to seek in that direction ;) Personally, I enjoy a fervent passion towards the questing call to explore all life’s divine expansions, and so they open up for greater growth and saturation! :D Life will open to All indefinitely, but for those who “close up” on Life themselves, it’s much harder for the drops of nectar to reach deep within and nourish. Hardened hearts happen across life’s spectrum: illnesses, deaths, lost loves, and plenty of decaying appearances to make us (arrogantly) certain that no loving God/Force is present…but those who get stuck at that level have simply “missed the mark” with their “vision,” and that is where I love to blaze a torching trail to illuminate other avenues that highlight what’s so SUPER about the entire tapestry of which we’re blessed to be a integrally woven thread. In some way, people can tend to “give up” when things seem too “out of control” or “challenging” than what their ego’s sense of comfort would prefer. They wallow in sadness/anger through drinking, escapism, blaming others, lashing out, and sometimes even suicide/assault. Sometimes the atrophy pushes one into greater ambition for worldly power and control as a result, yet devoid of any righteously guided moral or ethical compass. In such cases, managing and “beating” the world becomes the name of the game, instead of cooperation within it. All of these possibilities share the same festering root of blocked pain, fear, sadness, etc. However, until such is recognized, the weeds overgrowing our own Garden of Eden continue to run rampant, strangling any fertile opportunities. For some reason, while I love the shared camaraderie of others on a similar path, it’s the “hard” cases that interest me most--those who denounce God due to a loved one’s death/betrayal, or those consumed with their worldly “definitions” to the extent that anything dealing with a spirit/soul is spat upon. They are the ones I love to engage, to knock at the door of, and crack the shell that’s been crusting over the spaces where the light could otherwise come in. I have BEEN all those such people before at some time in some space, so I can recall/remember how it looks/feels/seems/goes from that place…but I am NOT that person today, having moved through enough shadows to see the common denominator of their hypnotic generation, transmuting my fixation to such a point as to stay in touch with the essence of All that IS, infinitely and eternally….indefinitely—beyond definition. As much as I may sometimes be tempted to “damn it all!” when things aren’t going my way, I have learned to relax and “sync into” the grander design at play, moving through discomfort with a mindset sharply equipped to cut out a lot of the static that leads to undue grievances. There are Truly plenty of abundantly beautiful patterns and synchronizations endlessly transpiring throughout life, and when those are focused upon, more streams in through those openings. Yet, whenever they’re ignored, we remain ignorant of their presence/presents, and seemingly continue to operate more outside their interconnectivity (“bent” on being somehow separate from All that is…). The seasonal rhythms, correspondences, polarities, and such all kaleidoscope throughout the unfolding experience of existence in a way that we can always return to our core nature at any moment from any place…if we’re of that Aim. I enjoy reorienting the Aim of those obtusely disoriented by tragedy. Those who are highly functional, intellectual, sophisticated, yet atheistic are some of my favorite. Those are the ones most in danger of declaring, “There is not God. Do whatever is possible during your lifetime, according to the rules/laws of established science, because there’s no inherent continuation, relevance, or importance to one’s individual consciousness and existence outside the realm of what’s made manifest now to be enjoyed or endured.” Well, manifesting groovy things now is awesome, but when the effects of the “current” aren’t acknowledged to reverberate out to the full extent they do, one may sell themselves short and cut off their potential by confining themselves to a much smaller existence than what’s otherwise possible…and living in that world becomes weighted with carrying the pain that one finds inexplicable in some way, needing a larger scope of understanding in order to actually assimilate the wounding occurrences in a way that is easier to transduce. All of the core components to the nature of existence light the way, but it’s easy to get lost in the dark, especially when we seem “buried” by some avalanche of undesirability. It’s easy to then feel small, weak, and powerless, or to think that life is simply a cruel, hard place, causing us then to behave as such ourselves. However, in each of those situations, we’ve simply snuffed out our own light in some manner, bracing against getting “burned” by something that’s proven too hot and fast for the current structure of our personality/ego to handle. However, instead of total abandonment, there’s a path that can be walked while paying homage to both extremes, while learning to moderate them in harmony by the middle. It’s Truly magnificent how the universe is so paradoxically impeccable in its ability to be both objectively impersonal and subjectively personal with how it interacts with and engages us. We All must meet Life from wherever we are, but we can continue to mold the relationship into whatever shape will be of most mutual service ;)

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