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Accessing Infinity

In the spiritual community, folks talk about there being an “infinite” supply of energy available in the universe, with Source being eternally limitless. All that sounds sexy, but how does it jive in the finite world of form? Well, it does, but only when the finite word of form is totally tuned into the Will of the Infinite Source (aka God), which has a very particular modus operandi. (To the contrary, any workings done outside of, and exclusive from, “God’s Work” must be fueled by the totally exhaustible supply of effort employed by the ego…) When people engage in some endeavor that’s highlighting “divine values,” the energy expenditure can feel effortless. One can run, talk, read, act, and pretty much do whatever without feeling drained. However, when someone is toiling away at something that’s centered around an ego concern, and not the holistic best course for all, it’s common that an individual will become more easily tired by such. What’s the difference? It helps to “get closer” to “knowing” God for anyone to understand the logistics of this phenomenon. God is ultimately synonymous with Love. Therefore, any actions (or expenditures of energy) that are driven by the desire to express and enhance an outpouring of Love are favored by God/Source because all such actions and expressions are functioning as direct embodiments OF God’s Love. Basically, as long as one is “working” as an “agent” of God (sharing/spreading Love), then there’s no effort required—just an open willingness for God’s Love to flow through the “channel” of one’s individual being. A good example to demonstrate this could be with folks doing psychic/spiritual readings and work. Those who allow God’s messages to flow through most smoothly, with the least amount of ego input and interference, are those who are least attached to the messages delivered, and those people may not feel tired by doing such work; they may even be energized! However, those who only deliver pieces of the whole, or edit things to sound a certain way, or make other attempts to “manicure” what comes through, will often feel exhausted by the tedium required by the ego to retain its involvement in the process. As such, working in such a manner CAN be done, but it carries the potential for a person to “burn out,” in addition to the information or work being somehow “less than” it could be if unimpeded by the stifling manipulations of the ego. At this point, it’s easy for some folks to say, “Hey, I do loving work that still has me tired all the time! What’s up with that?” Well, as much as we may sometimes think that our service is coming from a place of pure selflessness, if we dig a little deeper, it’s fairly common to find that such work will often come with subconscious “cords” related to praise/attention we’re seeking, or some other attachment to a particular outcome. Any time we become overly invested in something turning out a certain way, it’s no longer free-flowing Love from God; it’s a direct aim by a very human ego. It’s truly a tightrope to walk in a way that is inclusively all-allowing and expressive of Love, without (often unknowingly) inserting our own limitations into the mix. Think of it this way, when energy/time/resources are being “spent” in Loving service, the less such is about the will of the individual doing the work, and the more it’s about showing/sharing/growing/expanding/enhancing Love. Geared towards the latter potential, the more “out of the way” the individual is able to get, the more that God/Source can more clearly be that which purely pours through. The fact that humans all pretty much trend towards entropy, decay, and eventual death ought to be a clue that we’ve yet to master the ability to steady ourselves centered consistently (and soley/soul-ly) in God/Source…If we were able to maintain such, we’d literally have everlasting life, never grow tired, and always be FULFILLED (fully filled). Alas, the perception of separateness from being centrally located within individual bodies makes it hard for the ego not to intercept various intentions for its own sake… So what can we, as human beings, do in order to enhance our ability to work from, as, and through God/Source as opposed to our ego? Well, the first step is to look out upon all with an attitude of Loving appreciation. When we can focus our attention upon the aspects to anything that we can find beautiful, delightful, lovely, etc. to be thankful for, we grow those attributes (like watering a garden), as well as our proximal resonance with such experiences continuing to show up in our vibrational vicinity; we become “closer to God.” Such helps to cultivate an attitude LIKE God/Source. Overall, seeing each glass as being half full (or really totally full) helps to align our perspective with what God/Source ultimately knows to be the perfect state of completion in its own stage of becoming at any and every given occasion. Conversely, feeding the ego keeps the ego alive. Sure, to be in a separately “packaged” body, the ego’s got to “eat to live,” but every “meal” we give it is something that adds onto the illusion of separation, which also ultimately (being an inevitable fallacy) leads to decay and eventual death. It’s only the endeavors that join and unite us WITH the whole that allow us to thrive in greater states of liveliness. Ironically, the more that we “abandon” our ego’s approach of serving itself exclusively, in favor of techniques that will support others, the whole, AND ourselves as an included component, the more one will find that they are also thriving with little to no stress and strain about it. That’s not to say that hard work and effort won’t be a part of the process, but such would seem to be handled in more of an impersonal, detached manner, with an immediately palpable sense of recovery resulting. It’s amazing what we’re all capable of IF we can learn to put the principles of Love in front as the guiding foundation from which we’re led. It’s equally important to love oneself for sure, just not at the exclusion of other components beyond ourselves; they must be synced together mutually in order for God’s Love to optimally shine and energize the Work. Sometimes it’s difficult for individuals to ascertain whether or not some course of action is Truly in the best Loving interest of All, or if there’s some tinge of personal motive in the mix. As a good rule of thumb, anything you’ve become personally vested in has probably got some ego involved, although God/Source can totally work through such scenarios to facilitate other expressions of Love as well, as long as there’s ample room for such that’s not choked out by some petty preferences our ego insists upon. Ultimately, all we can each do is aspire to be more loving in our approach to life, without taking matters so personally, so that we can continue to build a True kingdom of heaven on Earth :)

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