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Be Responsible or CANCELED

Y’all, this is an important announcement! Anything that is not being done with, in, and for Love is being CANCELED! If you are taking actions to intentionally upset someone, purposefully cause pain, or do harm in any way, your ass is getting CANCELED! There just ain’t any wiggle room left for any of that mess at this point and time… There seems to now be some sort of “quickening” to consciousness going on that’s catalyzing a much swifter karmic “turnaround” on how fast we’re all getting met by the “fruits of our creation.” It is becoming increasingly impossible to keep our heads in the sand about anything done (to self and/or others) that’s out of alignment from the integrity of Love. If such is transpiring, you’ll know because the “feedback backlash” will produce some sort of painful or undesirable experience for oneself to “taste,” in order to become more aware of what we’re perpetrating or condoning. To illustrate for simplicity, the effects from being karmically re-directed could be similarly likened to a child’s hand getting smacked by a parent as it reaches towards a hot stove…While sometimes painful, challenging, or difficult in and of itself, such natural responsivity by Life is truly reason to give thanks, appreciation, and praise! We would NOT want to actually “touch” the “hot stove”…In this metaphoric scenario, the child did not know it was about to harm itself, so the much lighter, disciplinary pain of being smacked in that moment would be a more suitably loving action to prevent greater pain. Get it? So even if some “tough love” is required (“yes” is not always “good” and “no” is not always “bad”), it’s important to notice whether the intent and motive of the person providing such IS still coming from a foundational baseline of Love, geared towards producing the softest, most comprehensively beneficial option for the optimum well-being of all. If so, they’re good to go. If not, they’re getting CANCELED! (There are a multitude of scenarios possible in life, so it should stand to reason that some of the “best” and most loving outcomes may not always be exactly what we’d order off a menu, but they’re surely better than some less enjoyable alternatives…and doing a 180 degree turnabout to get going in the right direction, after plowing ahead in the wrong direction at high speed over a long time, may require a bit of “friction” to pump the brakes and put things on their proper track...) This universal policy to “do no harm” (that seems to be getting a little more strict in its adherence to application as of late) applies just as much to oneself as others. If you’re going around “wasting” or “trashing” yourself, don’t be surprised when you get CANCELED! If you’re throwing your ego around and spewing negativity upon others, don’t be shocked to find yourself CANCELED! Life cannot easily “conduct” Love through situations where one is being destructive (towards self or others) TO Life. If someone is “bent” with intent to be harmful (to whatever degree along the scale of that spectrum), the result is going to end up as the experience of less freedom and more restriction (of a relative regard), so as to mitigate (and “arrest”) the extent to which someone can continue to take courses of action that are deleterious. Stop hurting yourself and/or others or you’re going to get smacked in the face with being CANCELED! Now, if you’ve been unknowingly or inadvertently hurting yourself or others, well, that may be pitifully precious for a moment, but there is still a karmic effect. Since you may not seem to realize what you’re doing, there’s a high likelihood that you may not realize what’s being done TO you in echoic return (“Nothing is wrong…”), or you may just be confused as to why something has shown up (“Why is THIS happening to ME?!”). As such, while the harm accrued may seep in as softly as it was doled out, it will also accumulate to whatever extent is necessary for one to become aware of it, climaxing as/at a juncture of crisis. Basically, ignorance is not an excuse, although it does first necessitate the initial response of making the unknown known, but once that has transpired, we are expected to exercise greater responsibility in our dealings. (Right now, the “lights are coming on” so quick that it’s nearly impossible to remain obliviously ignorant to what is or isn’t harmful, especially in an overt sense…so if you’ve been “playing dumb” about the harm being done, you may feel DUMBFOUNDED when you end up getting real woke, real fast folks…) Part of how karma reverberates through its cascade of cause and effect deals with how we learn and adapt as a result of what we create and experience. Did we like everything about it? We may do it again. Did we not like something about it? We may not do it again… The first step is to become conscious of whatever IS in the first place, and that can take differing periods of time, depending on how subtle or extreme we’re sensitively “impressed” by everything. (Some folks need their “alarm clock” to be “louder” than others for them to really notice…) The quicker we reflect and analyze what’s happened, the quicker we can assess and synthesize our next step. Regardless, the preliminary antidote for a painful experience, where we must confront the shadow of our mishandled power and responsibility, is clarity about what one is actively doing or passively participating in. The “standard” of Love must be used to measure our actions as much as possible, so that our intents are pure, and the only deviations that might occur would be due to instances of actual ignorance and not knowing, which will thankfully invite more knowing to come through. If nothing else, making bad choices helps “clear up” what some better choices would be, so we live and we learn, and we do better moving forward. As we recognize more about how our actions affect ourselves and others, we begin to make different choices that will shift what we create in our experience. To assist in the unfolding evolution of our consciousness, instead of getting upset about what’s been happening TO you, and attributing such to other, external sources (that perhaps you didn’t even understand or know about), learn to see that those things are all happening FOR you, so that you WILL come to know and understand them from a higher, broader, more inclusive perspective, at which point you can become more aware of the extent to which harm was being perpetrated and perpetuated, and you can then make adjustments so that such a “wake-up call” is no longer necessary. Failure to wake up to such, and continuing to play the victim, blame external sources for problems, and keep making the same mistakes, all leads to your ass getting CANCELED! Once you get the message that there’s a better (more loving and/or less harmful) way to do something, don’t delay with starting that up, cause the old rug will be ripped out from under you if you keep trying to walk across it, instead of getting in sync with the new understanding!…and don’t futilely try to cover your eyes and ears so you can remain “blissfully ignorant” indefinitely because that ostrich-with-its-head-in-the-sand routine is ultimately a self-sabotaging strategy (formulated by our own unconscious self-deceptions) that only prolongs a more painful awakening to inevitably be necessitated eventually….Get real! If you’re lying to yourself about what you’re doing, you DO really know what you’re doing (even if only subconsciously, depending on how stable your psyche is), and you ARE accountable for your actions, whether you undertake the responsibility attached and work to ascend, or inattentively shrug it off and fall down further. As mentioned, in this whole process of awakening to various levels of realization about what is/isn’t loving or harmful, there will be genuine occasions where we’re truly unconscious to some degree of harm we’re involved in, and it’s possible to be very loving in plenty of other ways beyond whatever “blind spot” we may have. However, it is NOT ultimately loving to willfully stay in the dark and ignore an issue whenever it rises to the surface to be tended; such only extends pain and suffering over time as a “faultline” breaks down further into the disarray of decay. Things may seem gentler for a bit, while we distract ourselves from some off-putting epiphany, but dawdling in delay and procrastinating to make reparations can potentially have an effect similar to slipping on a banana peel that we already knew was on the ground but neglected to pick up…. We really just have to be honest about where we are in our journey of expanding consciousness to support and facilitate greater expressions of Love. We aren’t expected to be further ahead than we are, but there is also an expectation present that we are not trying to stay held back in some “dark age” of the past where we didn’t know better…It’s quite simply just not loving to STAY “in the dark,” since darkness and ignorance is a festering “breeding ground” for unconscious errors to perpetuate harm, whether by happenstance or intention. Eventually, at the least, the price paid for pretending not to notice some harm being done is a swelling of deep sadness and sorrow for the harmful “sins of commission/omission” that we participated in, and were in some way responsible for, even if such was not a chief intent. In some way or another, we suffer for the “sins” of choosing to remain unclear or acting without certain clarity when such would have been possible—in other words, regret. We’re all each only up against the person in the mirror. Collectively and individually, we are reaching a point where we have to clearly see, acknowledge, and take responsibility for ALL that has been done or allowed. Learning when and how to act, and when and how to not to act, are both paramount to facilitating Life in Love without harm. All other roads lead to getting CANCELED, so the Love of Life can more fully debut!

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