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Tue, Nov 14


"Queer Karma" Study Group #2

Exploring the intersection of spirituality and sexuality from a "queer" vantage...

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"Queer Karma" Study Group #2
"Queer Karma" Study Group #2

Time & Location

Nov 14, 2023, 6:30 PM EST – Nov 15, 2023, 8:00 PM EST

About the Event

(Note: specifics of this exact meeting are below the general synopsis of the study group material and intention…)  

Do you identify with having a somewhat “queer” orientation to (and perception of) life?  Do you find topics such as consciousness, energy, the soul, karma, spirituality, etc. to be worthwhile also?  Have you ever existentially pondered the nature of sexuality and how it relates to spirituality, specifically from a “queer” vantage of understanding?  If so, before sharing an opportunity for further exploration in community with others, I initially invite you to check out this potentially interesting and eclectic discovery, which amounts to a contemplative exposition (albeit somewhat obscure) about just such a compound phenomenon: 

(Here’s the first snippet–and table of contents, which offers an excellent preview of the range–from the document as a teaser:

“This book is the spiritual revelation for people with homosexual and bisexual orientation that will help them to come to God. Information containing in the book is the newe st esoteric psychoanalysis of homosexuality opening the cosmic, energetic and psychological reasons of the given condition. The reader will know about why such phenomenon appeared on the Earth, what extraterrestrial civilizations participated in its creation, comprehends the esoteric and theosophical side of homosexuality staying completely unopened until the present day. The doctrine is not just the theoretical statement of psychologist or philosopher thoughts but the cosmic information created by the highest providence of one of the greatest mystics of the present. The book author surely can be called the originator of esoterics and theosophy for homosexuals and bisexuals.

I want to point that while talking about homosexuality I also mean bisexuality and therefore heterosexuality. But because homosexual tendencies are mainly suppressed and incomprehensible in modern society I decided to pay most attention in this book to the explanation of this condition….  

Ch.1=The specialties of gay and lesbian esoteric psychology 

Ch.2=The hierarchy of homosexuality

Ch.3=Esoteric homosexuality

Ch.4=The levels of homosexual self-realization

Ch.5=The levels of homosexuality sublimation

Ch.6=Antique forms of homosexuality

Ch.7=The rebirth of supreme homosexuality

Ch.8=Homosexuality and pedophilia

Ch.9=Why all people are bisexual

Ch.10=Bisexuality–the moral fall or the way to salvation

Ch.11=...ironically missing/absent/skipped?…

Ch.12=The levels of homosexual affection

Ch.13=Homosexuallity and cosmic work

Ch.14=The reasons of homosexuals’ discrimination and methods of its social overcoming

Ch.15=The future of homosexuality

Ch.16=The levels of homosexual celibacy

Ch.17=The difference of supreme homosexuality from perverted one

Ch.18=Homosexuality and global world tendencies

Ch.19=Why differs the moral appraisal of homosexuality

Ch.20=The practical revival of supreme homosexuality or the rules of theosophical and esoteric society for LGBT people

Ch.21=The methods of channeling

Ch.22=Why heterosexuals protect LGBT rights

Ch.23=Some examples of esoteric psychoanalysis of homsexuality

Ch.24=Basic esoteric-psychological constructs of homosexuality

Ch.25=Homosexual super-consciousness

Ch.26=What is better for society: same-sex marriage or everday partner change

Ch.27=Soul choice

Ch.28=The extraterrestrial civilization–“Inca”--the source of information for this book

Ch.29=Will sex disappear in future or why humans have sexual attraction”)

Overall, it’s approximately 36 pages of material, which can be read in full on the website, but I found it uniquely captivating enough to also download in order to retain a more permanent copy.  As seemingly “channeled” material addressing the subject from an esoteric and theosophical angle, the concepts referenced could initially be somewhat complex and confusing, although they may be easier to grasp for those already familiar with such language and ideology through being exposed to the works of other theosophical figures, including the channeled esoteric “blue books” of Alice Bailey.  Much has been written (in many places) about the conditions and psychology of humanity from a general standpoint, including many expositions that will also dive into the spiritual and karmic components, along with the sexual duality at play in the process.  However, while I have explored a wealth of related material over my life’s journey, I have personally always found there to be somewhat of a shortage of information specifically addressing the “queer” dimensions of humanity’s nature in a way that was also reverent towards the soul/karmic complexities existent when things are “different” than a given norm or standard…  

This document, while not really having any big name of authority revealed as the writer behind it, offers plenty for those with “eyes to see and ears to hear” to consider more deeply.  As someone who has sat in contemplation of their unconventional sexual orientation in this lifetime, digging into the nature behind such existent expressions and keenly aware of the spiritual landscape invisibly precipitating material reality, this type of exploration and study simply seems part of what my soul came here to quest through, and I look forward to sharing the fruits of such labor with others who are also invested in such a quest!  As such, any other fellow “spiritual comrades” of a similar persuasion, who are curious about the "queer" dimensions of spirituality, the soul, and karma, are welcome to join me in this excavation by perusing the material to whatever level of interest inspires them, while I will begin to facilitate a regular “study group,” structured to explore and expound upon this material and realm, bit by bit, in a community forum online via Zoom, discussing a couple “chapters” at a time, and allowing ample opportunity for those who would like to read and sit with the material beforehand to do so in preparation.  

It is not the length of the material that is challenging, but rather the wordings and concepts used, along with the metacognition of how to think about and interpret what all is presented.  While some of such could be familiar to certain individuals already, there may be some stuff that is new to unpack along the way as well.  Hence, this group study will be taking it relatively slow through the document collaboratively, although it can still be individually visited, re-visited, and shared along the way (at whatever pace is inspired) by those who find something of intrigue from it themselves, as the group study continues along with whatever group coalesces.  I do not propose to “have all the answers” related to this topic, or even document, but I do aspire to do my best when it comes to translating the essence of whatever's explored…although I’m also fine with leaving things at “don’t know, won’t know” when need be, and I'm happy to agree to disagree whenever’s called as well ;)  

As a fair warning, some of the material could potentially be interpreted negatively and/or be found “triggering” to some degree for various people.  (For example, some of those who read ahead may prematurely find fault in the view of an idea that’s separated from a broader/narrower context that’s needed for relevance, or someone may emotionally react to a position they’re only partially understanding…)  I will do my best to help dispel any such problematic issues of interpretation that could arise along the group's paced way, while seeking to clarify and explain what I’ve managed to surmise through my own study as much as possible.  Even though the material seems to have been channeled, and possibly translated from another language, presenting many grammatical and phrasing anomalies, as an English major that enjoys reading and writing (particularly related to topics of spirituality, sexuality, consciousness, etc.), I am confident that I can at least begin to familiarize others with the main ideas of what’s being presented, while also teaching and sharing from what I’ve learned, pertaining to other related topics that might become relevant throughout the study too.  

(I’ll also share that, as an astrologer, I’ve enjoyed studying the cosmic, karmic, and psychological correspondences of human nature’s microcosm, alongside the universal macrocosm, for a long time as well, and just like when it comes to understanding ANY opposing planets, signs, or energies essentially, it’s often wise to try to suspend judgment as much as possible when things seem antagonistic or “opposite” to some view we’re more preferentially familiar with...It’s often the paradoxical case that what’s so seemingly “other” will become the key that “marries” and COMPLETELY “complements” that which our own end of the spectrum was too exclusively focused on…These lessons help reconcile many an inharmonious juncture, and we’ll see how they might apply to potential impasses along the way. )  

Anyways, anyone that feels called to join will be able to attend the online study group gathering via Zoom at

However, while it will not be necessary to talk/share if the preference is to just listen, I am maintaining the group so that I am at least aware of everyone who is in attendance, so there will be a password in order to join, and I will check names off the attendance list when letting people in from the waiting room.  In order to receive the password, any individual seeking to be included must make introductory contact with myself to ask for such and essentially RSVP.  That way, I will know who to “officially” expect for the gathering, and have a way to reach out if they don’t show.  Additionally, anyone that’s completely unfamiliar to me–not having initiated contact to request the password–will not be permitted to enter or remain in the room, so as to create and maintain a more secure “container” of intentionality, sincerity, and familiarity for those who are open to diving deeper into these (soul/karmic) “waters” ;)  Again though, anyone who’s interested is welcome to attend, as long as they RSVP by introducing themselves to me, ask for the password, and provide a name for my reference of them, along with any other information anyone’s inspired to share. 

Meeting #2 on 11/14/23 at 6:30pm EST= review introductory material and finish Chapter 1... At this first meeting, we did not really even get through all of chapter 1 as proposed originally...As such, we just just continue to cover as much as is inspired and inclined amongst the journey of sharing and conversation that results from the ideas explored as they emerge ;)  Here is what the aim was last time, which will continue and evolve as aligned...

After short introductions, if inclined, I will offer to share a bit briefly relating the paradox of universal duality and unity through the “binary code” of 1 and 0, take a quick spin around the zodiac to glimpse 12 perspectives on sexuality for more holistic consideration, and establish a key distinction between "lust" and "love," prior to then exploring the beginning portion of the document that’s called “Cosmic and esoteric reasons of homosexuality origin,” as well as Chapter 1.  We will gloss back over the content there, taking time to unpack and explain anything encountered in those sections of interest for elaboration, while discussing as much as inspired.  (From this first event, a direction and date for the 2nd meeting may be established, along with how much of the document the next gathering will cover, and potential avenues for continued collaborative discussion elsewhere via an “extended study group” on Facebook or elsewhere in-between scheduled, live, monthly meetings.)  

Contact Nathaniel with any additional questions or to introduce yourself and request the password to attend!  



 Instagram: @leadn2gold

Facebook: Lead N2 Gold 

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