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Lead N2 Gold


Lead N2 Gold is the "channel" through which Nathaniel Glosson offers astrological consultations and metaphysical insights

ABOUT Nathaniel

     Nathaniel has been called towards metaphysical, spiritual, and occult studies his whole life. From an elementary school enthusiasm for Greek mythology, to an adolescent interest in archetypes and psychology, to a modern day exploration of Qabalah and astrology, his studies have continued to overlap, compound, expand, and evolve. As a result, Nathaniel has cultivated an intimate relationship with the archetypal symbols and themes these systems embody, creating an “intuitive database” from which guidance can be derived. Currently, Nathaniel enjoys sharing the fruits of his learning by teaching metaphysical classes, interpreting astrology charts, and intuitively coaching/counseling others.




   Nathaniel tunes in to archetypal energies from the zodiac in order to offer insight to assist others with navigating their life purpose, direction, and creation. With astrology, Nathaniel can explore the unique “stellar signature” generated by someone’s birth information to discover the major themes active in their life, as well as what events might be expected during different windows of time. (This can be achieved by reading one’s natal chart, transits, solar returns, or synastry and composite charts for more in-depth relationship inquiries.) Besides readings to simply gain more perspective regarding situations and circumstances at hand, Nathaniel also provides “free will activation” for people wanting guidance to create a specific experience in their life, in order to give the best direction for how one’s intent can best be formulated considering the scope of one’s innate nature. In addition to astrological charts, oracle card decks with similar archetypal language are also applied as needed to get a more “in the moment” look at what themes are ripe for conscious contemplation to support one’s unfolding. However one is inclined to take aim, Nathaniel loves shining a light to help clear the way.

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