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To LOVE and KNOW the Mystic and Occultist

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

The message, quest, aim, and antidote throughout Life, was, is, and always will be: --KNOW/LOVE THYSELF (Both words [“love” and “know”] are equally important, so the order of their arrangement is about like whether the chicken or egg came first) The more one is completed, so likewise is the other. However, if either are done falsely, the other is neglected at the expense of the false one’s engorgement. The more the two concepts marry/merry and intertwine, the more free and full of Beauty and Truth everything is “realized” to be… Examples: 1. If someone believes they are “loving” themselves, but they are actually being self-destructive and indulging an ego vice or hubris, this demonstrates the manner and extent of how that person does not Truly KNOW themselves, and what actions are not Truly practicing love towards oneself. Also, if someone is saturated in preference to love but excludes knowledge, they may “walk off a cliff” or into some dangerous situation from not knowing the limits of themselves or their environment. All love without knowledge is like undisciplined “rose-colored glasses”…(Thankfully, if the love IS True and pure, they may be “protected” [like a child or fool] in that their innocence IS rather close to an aligned “knowing” of their ultimate identity) 2. If someone believe they “know” themselves, but they have only blockaded their identification into that of their crystallized personality, they may demonstrate the manner and extent of such by hating/shaming themselves due to some temporal situation’s passing, or by inflating their self-importance beyond the scope and state of their current existence, all of which indicates a departure from (or compensation for a lack of) LOVING oneself. Hence, those limiting beliefs of their identification stand in the way of Truly knowing oneself. Additionally, if someone is overly focused on knowing, they may become too fixed upon some certainty and limit other possibilities, then seeking to use their knowledge to manipulate circumstances of what is known in order to control that which appears fearful, undesirable, or bad to the ego in some way. Of course, all knowledge without love IS essentially an “anxious tyrant,” attempting to “outsmart” and “know better” than whatever is, often finding fault in anything contradictory, or seeking to conquer and overcome such. (Thankfully though, if knowledge IS Truly clear, sharp, accurate, and derived devoid of ego preference, the actions executed may indeed express a refined finesse to love’s potential, being guided by an impeccably impersonal rationale’s deduction in sync with love’s ultimate impetus.) Over and over again, we spiral around this dance of learning to more clearly LOVE and KNOW ourselves. At our core, even with all the grit and grime of our earthly engagements, we’re perfect, pure, free, beautiful, whole, etc. Every time we believe or act otherwise, treating ourselves badly, thinking we’re inferior/superior, we lock ourselves down and relinquish our innate abilities of elevation. It’s only people who don’t Truly know themselves (and all their glorious splendor) that don’t love themselves. It’s only people who don’t Truly love themselves (and all their innate wholeness) that don’t know themselves, thinking that they’re better/worse than what’s True, or above/below others. Again, it’s only when one falsely stands on one side or the other of the pendulum that it distorts position out of balance. The more one KNOWS their True nature, the more beautiful it can be seen and loved. The more one LOVES their True nature, the more in touch they are with knowing, understanding, and realizing the wellness that it innately is. These concepts are “holding hands” For me, while the concepts of “knowing” or “loving” oneself may seem rather broad and generic, the depth of these implications seem quite esoterically profound…wish more people were open and ready for more genuine, authentic dialogue diving into the Mystery of the matter with All it contains and encompasses; it’s only a lifelong calling :P~ P.S. If it doesn’t trigger you too much, you can replace the word “THYSELF” at the top with “GOD” (or “LOVE” as a noun) and the essential core drive, motive, and scenarios metaphorically align ;) To “love God” via listening/observing is the path of the mystic. To “know God” via speaking/acting is the path of the occultist. Far enough into the journey, two paths with tend to intertwine ;)

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